Top Ten Lows • Rob McLean
The first "video" from Play Pause Stop, "Top Ten Lows" tips its hat to Nick Hornby's 'High Fidelity'. If you've ever seen the movie or read the book, you should get the reference. If not, read the book - it's totally worth it.

Top Ten Lows (Acoustic) • Rob McLean
Filmed and recorded by Latent Image Design, a stripped-down version of the first song released from Play Pause Stop.

Capone • Rob McLean 2015 performance
A 2015 performance of a 2002 song, recorded and filmed by Latent Image Design.

Capone • Rob McLean
This is the first song on Rob's 2002 release Albion Capone. The song tells the story (or the urban myth) of the woman who died on the third floor of the Albion Hotel in Guelph, Ontario, after being the mistress of Al Capone. Capone frequented the brewing and distilling centre during the years of prohibition, as it was a key supplier to the Chicago underground, and the Albion Hotel was the leading speakeasy in the region. Capone eventually died of syphilis... and perhaps, so did she? For fans of ghost stories, it is rumoured that she still haunts the building. McLean lived in the Albion Hotel for three years prior to the launch of this album, so he may know a thing or two about the truth of the tale.

Garbage Truck • Jon D'Eaux and the Sibling Rivals.
This song - or at least the chorus - was written by a two-year old who loves his garbage trucks. The remaining verses were filled out by his two sisters, ages 5 and 7 at the time. It's a straightforward three-chord punk song, and when you think about it, aren't all kids songs three-chord punk songs? This was the single" from If It's Too Loud, You're Too Old.

Choo Choo Train • Jon D'Eaux and the Sibling Rivals
Kids love trains. They love singing about trains. Turns out, they love writing songs about trains. This song was written by a 7-year-old girl. It turns out kids love seeing trains smash and crash too, so that's what this video is about.